Download Coub video online

How can I download Coub videos with sound
or music separately via GetCoub?

Downloading videos is very easy. Take three steps to download music from Coub or videos with sound in MP4 format:


Copy the link to Coub video

Just go to the desired video and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. If you use the mobile application Coub, click on the icon under the video and select “Share Link”.

2 Insert a link in the field on the GetCoub

Go back to the GetCoub and paste the link into the form entry field at the top of the page. Next, select the length of the video, 15 seconds or 60 seconds, and press the GET button.

3 Download Coub or music from video

Wait for 5-15 seconds until the download links are formed. After waiting, 2 links will appear: Download MP4 (download Coub video with sound), Download MP3 (download music from Coub).

GetCoub absolutely free. You don't even have to register an account or install anything! You can simply insert the necessary link and save the file.

Last save Coub

Service GetCoub allows you to download videos Coub format 15 or 60 second video. This format is very convenient if you need to save this video coub to your mobile phone (for example on iPhone or Android) and share Instagram.
If you want to know what music plays in Coub, then just paste a link to this coub in the input line at the top of the website and the system will recognize the tune and artist.



I chose “15 sec” or “60 sec” before downloading. Will the duration of an MP3 file with music from Coub be the same?

— No. GetCoub allows you to download the whole song.

Why did I get an error message when I tried to download the file, or the file is being downloaded endlessly?

— If you make a mistake, try refreshing the browser cache page (Ctrl+F5). If this method didn’t help, please email us or try to download Coub later, we will fix it soon.

The reason for the endless processing may be technical problems on the side of service. Try to download Coub a little later.

How do I know what music is playing in Coub?

— Simply insert a link to the video and press the Get button. The service will identify music from Coub and also help you find the song on one of the popular streaming platforms (Youtube Music, Spotify, Yandex Music, VK) via quick links at the bottom of the page.

What is the quality of uploaded songs?

When you download music from Coub you will get an MP3 file with 160-192 kbps bitrate. It is enough for comfortable music listening on standard speakers or in headphones, on the phone, in the car.

Do you store my downloaded videos and music from Coub?

No, we do not store downloads on our server.

How to find a downloaded file via GetCoub on my phone /computer?

Browse to the folder where all downloaded files are stored through your browser by default. On your computer, you can navigate to the downloads using the “Ctrl+J” (Windows) or “Cmd+J” (MacOS) key combination.

On your phone, downloaded files are usually stored in the “Downloads” folder. Also in the top curtain you will see a notification about successful download of the file.

Didn’t find the answer to your question or have problems downloading files? Write to us and we will try to solve your problem.